The Psychology of Rejection

Ooooh! I’m bout to force somebody to GET REAL. I mean I want people to wake the hell up on this one. This is from a very very personal place so please don’t take offense at the brash nature of this passage. I am talking to you as I had to speak to myself.

GET TF OVER IT! When someone rejects you, pick up your feelings and move on. “BUT IT…” Blah, Blah, Blah. If he/she wanted you you’d be with them right now and you wouldn’t be reading this. So with that being said, GET OVER IT! I know it hurts and it will for a while. I’m sorry that your feelings have been hurt but I promise you that if you allow yourself to grow from this experience you will never feel this way again. Yes, you will experience pain in love and war…but not like this. Not the exact same….

Rejection is a healthy part of life. You win some, you lose some. We all have the right to choose what we want and who we want. Now please tell me why the HELL would we want someone that doesn’t want us back? We have the choice too…right?

It’s the psychology of rejection. When someone tells you No, is aloof, or shows mixed signals….alll of that goes in the “NO” pile. They either don’t like you enough, don’t like you at all or has sooooo many options that you kinda fade into the background. (With my recent rejection situation, I’m not sure which one applied to me but all I know is that I was trying to fit a block through a donut hole.) Just wasn’t gonna work my G. But when someone rejects you, often times you feel the need to prove that you are enough, to show them that you are worthy. And while you may be “enough” to satisfy that person, they still ain’t buying so what’s the use in wasting your time and energy. Don’t you dare flaunt the goods (sex, money, extreme wooing etcetera) in hopes of convincing someone of something, they will gladly receive and retreat.

Let me take you deeper, if you’re connected with God and have asked him to order your steps…this person rejecting you could really be the best thing for you. We usually want something that we can’t have or something that is not good for us. LADIES this is really for you! If that man wants you…HE WILL COME AND GET YOU. Don’t you ever, ever forget that.

You don’t have to do anything but wake up in the morning. That’s it and he’s coming for you. FELLAS, my good men. If the girl doesn’t see your worth and doesn’t appreciate you…cut your losses, count your blessing and move on. Do not stay around someone that does not appreciate or respect you. It will not change and more importantly, you will be the one to change in a negative way. Please don’t turn into an asshole because you kept chasing a women that wasn’t for you.

No shade, it’s kinda like Catfish. HOW TF did you not know that this person wasn’t real? They played with you back and forth, never can facetime you and so on. Might even disappear for a whole year on you and come back to the text conversation like “Hey baby, I miss you.” No playa. You are reaching. And that person you are LUSTING after, that’s right LUSTING, is not for you. You knew that cause your gut done already told you a million times. But yet you still pursue, dontcha?  Love the chase, huh?

How about you go chase yourself? Go find YOURSELF first. And every time I watch Catfish and they ask “what is it that made you fall in love with this person?” The first thing they say is LOOKS! Well no, I don’t feel sorry for ya cause you walked right into that trap. If you’re reaching for a person that is completely out of your league and they playing with you…let it go. That’s why it’s not uncommon for introverts or not-so-handsome gentlemen to try and OVERCOMPENSATE.

Then you get mad at the woman. Nobody told you to spend your life savings trying to woo someone that was half-way in from the start. You tried to get something that was never even available for you. FACTS. It’s nothing wrong with you. If the person doesn’t get it in a few weeks, cut it, cut it, cut it….

Flip side. Ladies. Don’t go OVEREXTENDING yourself to get a man’s attention. He sees you. He just ain’t that into you. So please don’t cry after he done borrowed money abused your virtue and rolled out. You are better than that. And you know it, now act like it damnit.


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