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the inner (G)

It’s you’re beauty not your booty…not wait , it’s your inner G, not your energy. Before I get ahead of myself, having energy is great…I mean everything would be a lazy drag for you without it; but you could still exist and get by. It’s not an end all to things. But from my years on this planet, I’ve learned that you won’t get far without a dash of “inner G.” Mmh what’s that you ask? It’s the “gangsta” that lives within lmao! “Oh gangstas (or gangsters depending on your mood) are bad!” Duhh, but they’re good at it and with that there’s a lesson to be learned. Your “inner G” makes you ambitious, resourceful, clever, analytical, fearless, logical and methodical. (So not glorifying street violence or gangs but the culture of which I’m from has been stolen, watered down, repackaged and sold right back to me…so the least I can do is make it my own. ) So Inner G it is! Living in LA and working the entertainment circuit, I had to exercise my inner G every damn day! How about sneaking back stage and pretending to be a vendor in a gifting suite to get exclusive interviews? -Did that, done that, could write a book about it. And that’s only scratching the surface of what we are capable of obtaining if we make a decision and go full force towards it…by any means necessary.

LISTEN LINDA! Get your “inner G” on today. It’s June 1st, the start of a new month with new possibilities and new goals to achieve. Set your goals as high as your standards and move something.


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