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The Gent’s Closet: Movember "MADE TO MEASURE"

The Life As Shay Report:
November 20, 2013-The Left Shoe Company(LA). I had the pleasure of attending my first menswear event in LA, or in life for that matter. The experience was…how do you say…AMAZING. LA’s “one and only” Men’s Style Haus, The Gent’s Closet, hosted the exclusive Made to Measure event in celebration of Movember.—-

The Gent’s Closet’s owner, resident stylist and style ambassador, Manny J (left).

I walk into the The Left Shoe flagship store and am greeted as I check in. I do a quick scan of the room…I felt like I had walked into a cuban cigar lounge…which is interesting because I have never visited one, but I just knew. The bright overhead lighting created a “runway-like”vibe…showcasing the store’s handcrafted, custom-made shoes. And suddenly the vibe was Jay-Z’s Change Clothes.
Video CourtesyJayZVEVO
Imagine this scene, but the models from the video are handsomely, well-suited men (in this case I am Jay-Z lol). An eclectic atmosphere to experience.

Style Ambassadors, Norris x Thrash 

—-As I mingled with the guests and observed my surroundings, checking out the represented brands, everything from men’s pomade to hats…by the time I reached the well-groomed bartender another vibe comes to me. I was having deja vu, I had seen this all before. In my mind I hear, “I be on my Suit and Tie ish…”
Video Courtesy of justintimberlakeVEVO—-

The Left Shoe Company partners Patrick Mayworm (left) and Gordon Clune. 


 I take a break from conversing with the guests and scan the room. I see a tall man in a tailored blue suit standing on a pedestal of sorts. I look closer and realize he was standing on the “made to measure” 3D foot scanner. The customer is able to stand on a platform, similar to the Dance Dance Revolution gaming platform. The scanner then takes a 360-image of the feet for a scientifically accurate measurement…next it’s off to select your style of shoe. The order is customized to fit the individual’s measurements. I was very impressed. “So Sophisticated” came to me.

Michael Ferrera, Celeb Bespoke Fashion Designer

A special thank you to my friends over at The Gent’s Closet. This was a great introduction to Movember and the world of menswear. This event brought sexy back forreal.  Fellas, please check out The Left Shoe and The Gent’s Closet. Ladies, you too…thank me later.There is nothing like a MADE TO MEASURE man.

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