that one summer

Summer time mane! Something tells me that this here summer in NYC is going to be one to change my life. Not only is this the summer before I start law school but I’m in the biggest and most exciting city in the world. There is so much to do and not enough time but I promise to make this summer one of the best.

Even if you’re not a student or teacher and don’t get the whole summer off, the summer should be a time of fun, freedom and exploration for all! People make resolutions for each new year, but what about making resolutions for the summer? This is beyond summer body goals, I’m thinking more like experiencing more and knocking things off that bucket list. I’ve been told that there is nothing like a summer in NY, we haven’t even made it to summer yet and I can tell you that it’s true! Something new everyday, something to see and experience, someone new to meet around every corner, just endless possibilities. While you may not be in NY, your city definitely has some hidden gems and adventures that you have to explore!

I encourage you to try a local small restaurant (not a chain) , go for a bike ride near museums, go into those museums, visit art galleries or have a cool dessert at the park. And that is just a simple list, if you have the means to travel and funds to spend…you can elevate your level of excitement with things Iike island visits and luxury car test drives. But please, no matter your budget…SEE MORE, DO MORE, EXPERIENCE MORE this summer.


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