Teyana Taylor: JUST LOST ONE *Adidas Drop*

The Life As Shay Report:
Adidas has officially released Teyana Taylor from her endorsement deal in which she designed shoes for the brand. First sign, the release of her newest shoe, scheduled for this past Black Friday, was delayed indefinitely…bad sign.
A PR rep from Adidas recently confirmed that the ties with the “First Lady of G.O.O.D. Music” have been severed, citing differences in core values and non-tolerance of violence. This coming a few months after Rihanna and Teyana Taylor had a cyber-fight. Catty and immature? Yes. Necessary yet avoidable? Yes. This was a case of cyber-bullying that went way left. Subliminal shots were fired and it snow-balled into down right “in your face, I am talking to you” offensive slurs and images included.
This run-in was necessary because it is important to stand for something, especially yourself…especially when you are being bullied and you have a platform to shed light on topics like…..huh, let’s say…BULLYING and ABUSE. BUT somehow, signals got crossed. Things went too far and the seemingly final blow was Teyana‘s post of a battered Rihanna after the 2009 altercation with then-boyfriend, Chris Brown.
Now look at it…
This was avoidable. At the end of the day….someone lost one.
Lauryn Hill‘s Lost ones. sums up the WHOLE DAMN THING.
Video Courtesy of Vorarlberna

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