Team Greenery: #Favored!!!

Honestly, growing up and even up until a year ago I never imagined that I would be a Vegetarian. And well I’m not! But technically I was for about 4 months solid and now I only eat meat to taste, I call it a “side order-meat eater.”  I consume the beast rarely- like one meal a week, if that- and when I do, it’s a side order portion, much like the way people eat a side order of potatoes or mac and cheese.  Most would think—WOW!, how convenient for you to move to LA and go veggie, but honestly my new eating habits come from a more meaningful place. HOWEVER, that’s not as to say that living out here will not influence your quality of life and inspire you to be a healthier-better you. Since moving, I am way more conscious of what I eat and I am much more active—Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a calorie counter but I will read the nutrition facts to learn what I am putting in my body…Its our right to be aware- cause honey you will be surprised to learn what you are actually digesting.
Back to the meaningful purpose- I have faced so much resistance (and still do) in my day-to-day since moving that I really had to ask: “Am I supposed to be here? Is this for me or am I reaching?” I decided to sacrifice one of my most priced desires-FOOD! I needed to fast. I needed focus, to clear my mind, find my center and reflect-and a diet of straight fruits, veggies, and grains has a way of making you focus lol just saying! So I sacrificed and I got the clarity I needed and answers to my questions: “Yes, you belong here. Don’t worry you are right on track.” And in return for commitment and persistence I continue to receive blessings and #FAVOR. (I won’t take ya’ll to church but ask your Grandma about #FAVOR–it’s a whole different class of Blessings and Mercy). Needless to say-all that time of no meat, bread or dairy became the norm and when the fast was complete most of those habits remained. I still indulge here and there but I’m definitely more diverse in my food choices. There are a lot of great things out there that are super healthy and super green, and you don’t have to be a “side order-meat eater” to enjoy them. *wink, wink*
Have fun with it…try adding a few of these filling, flavorful fruits and veggies to your plate…eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, avocados, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, mangos, pomegranate seeds, purple potatoes (just a few of my favs)! Another easy way to healthy-up any dish is to randomly add onions, peppers, and spinach (tasty). Also go for wheat and whole grain breads and pastas instead of the norm. Your body will thank you, and plus you will look Super Fab! So if you are what you eat I’m totally #Favored!!! Step ya game up-Summers coming folks #TeamGreenery!!!
Green Love Angels,

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