#TB from #TBT: @WALE ‘#Sneaked’ UP ON ME

#TB from #TBT:  @WALE ‘#Sneaked’ UP ON ME
Hey Guys and Gals,
It’s your favorite blogger here with another installment of the Life As Shay Report. The title threw you off—I’m SURE. But I have a great explanation for this one. 
Imagine this—last Thursday, WELL WAIT about a year ago Thursday, I’m prompted by my bestfriends to check out Instagram.  I look and hey—the buddy @WaleMMG had posted an old pic that my girls and I took with him a few years back at Suitland High School’s 2006 Homecoming. I was totally #sneaked with that one ‘cause from my understanding my bestfriend had the only original photo…guess not! And with Wale’s post the pic went from thousands of likes on IG to sneaker websites within a few hours. And then within seconds I’m an UNNAMED CYBER CELEBRITY (Well, uhhh maybe not celeb but uhhh-we are taking baby step here lol).
NOW– granted, the purpose of him posting the pic WAS NOT to show the world how cute my friends are (Hehehe), but if you focus on the MINOR, BABY, TINY, WINY details you will miss the beauty of the randomness…. But actually, Wale was in the mist of posting photographic evidence, proving that his rank and status as a true-to-life “Sneakerhead” had not materialized AFTER he blew, but he was doing his things from the start.
*For those that find themselves confused by that term please continue the read* A “sneakerhead” is an individual that has exquisite taste in sneakers and an even finer collection of the most exclusive shoes. A “sneakerhead” is differentiated from ‘someone that has lots of shoes’ by the “sneakerhead’s” understanding of the shoe, its attributes, the aesthetic, the textile, the colors–they get THE SHOE. The “sneakerhead” can find the most unique outfit to compliment the look of the shoe, to really highlight the most minute feature. Are you familiar with the phrase “racks on racks?”—Yea, well that’s the approach that “sneakerheads” take to their shoe game…#RACK ‘em up and KEEP ‘em #FRESH.
I won’t get too deep ‘cause my knowledge on this level of “sneakerhead-ness” is not too extensive but you surely get my point. All that to say…you never know where people will be years from now so always show #LOVE #RESPECT #SUPPORT–in that order–and one of your favorite rappers will randomly post a pic of you too 🙂
Happy Thursday Folks—Keep it Tight
The Official #LifeAsShay Report—That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Remember, “Don’t take life too serious, take it ONE DREAM at a time.”

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