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Tale of an #AmbitiousRider: #KnowMyStyle Launch Party

The Life As Shay Report:
My dearest Love Angels– I apologize for my bout of absence, but SHE’S BAACCCKK!
3.15.13–A day to remember! It marks the day of my first major independent event as Planned by Shay here in LA! How exciting! My time here in LA has been spent assisting and supporting others, networking, blogging and observing my surroundings— all the while, taking notes! And now I can say “I’m RREEETTTT-TTAAA GOOO!!!” (as in “ready to go” for the people that didn’t catch that lol)”
How wonderful was the feeling to go out and get something for myself. I couldn’t wait any longer for someone to choose me as their planner or to be referred! This is a testimony to the fact that ‘If there are things in life that you want, YOU have to invest in yourOWN vision, believe in it wholeheartedly and go full force, full throttle, full speed…. whichever you prefer! When you do these things the world will open to you and good people will be happy to support! These things are true ONLY IF you are an #AmbitiousRider! 
What is that? Mmmh? If you have to ask you might not be one just yet, but I will gladly bring you into the circle…there is room for everyone here because the point is that you choose YOUR lane and make things work YOUR way 🙂 . #AmbitiousRiders are individuals that not only want more but will do the work to EARN more. They are determined and headstrong, don’t give-up and are not easily shaken from their decided upon path.  They do the most because they want the most…They are the type to say a prayer, then go get what they just prayed for — (S/O to Drake for that last line Hahaha #Amen). But you get it! This world is ours for the taking– make me King (Ok, ok! That line was from Nas, but you feel me lol)

This event in particular was an idea of mine exactly ONE month ago today and I envisioned a completely different concept for the event than what it turned out to be in the end. The theme and all the surrounding components changed up until about 5 days out from the event but I was blessed to have people around me supporting my vision and making it possible for me to move forward in pulling it off…

In about 2 weeks’ time I had gone through about 7 venues and 4 event concepts…Not by choice! Believe that! But I’m glad I did go through the struggle or I would not have arrived at the final product!

The day before the event, I went to scoop a second order of drinks for the event but was centimeters away from not being able to receive the products in-store. Yes , oh yes yes!!!  The bottles of bubbly that I had already paid for online, they were telling me I couldn’t pick-up from the store! Why you ask? Because, you see— I had left my ID at Work!!! Arg!! Not like that was my fault or anything lol  I misplaced my work badge and to get a temp badge you trade in your ID….Leaving work I forgot to swap it out and there you have it!! Me with 20 bottles of bub to pick-up and my almighty work badge!

Now, now if you know me, you know I went home with my order that night–I get it done in the long run, ALWAYS !! I can’t lie I broke a lil sweat but the key to mastering life as an #AmbitiousRider is Confidence.

Day of, I get off work and have 1 hour to get ice, get to the venue unload the car, set-up, get dressed and do my make-up! I did that TOO!! #Bow!! No shame here…in this life things don’t go as planned but the point is “Can you hold your head and bring results?” I would like to graciously say, in the sweetest, most humble voice…”Yes. I did that.” Hahaha Oh the joy of success!!
Deadline. 4 Days. Hard. Yes. But. I. Did. It.

I was tested on so many fronts before this blossomed into what it was…I’m so grateful to everyone that extended themselves to me and my vision to make it possible!

So blessed to have the chance to do what I love in a place that I fell IN LOVE with. 3.15.13 confirmed that I am in the right place, doing the right thing! Check out my video diary of the few days leading to the event and the night of…I will be posting them on my YouTube Channel (LifeAsShay) soon.

Check out the official event images on—
Thanks and I’ll be back soon with more posts. Love ya’ll!
Signed with soo much Love, 
My Inexplicable Life as Shay

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  1. Glad your event turned out well! I'd love to be apart of this #AmbitiousRiders Movement you have going on pre-move. I feel like I could grow and learn in the circle that you have clearly stepped foot in.Many blessings to you and your brand. I pray increase for your life and your career!!!-Chymere A.

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