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being real

Being home this week really get me thinking. When people say “oh she’s real” or “oh he’s a real one…” I’m always interested in knowing the answer to the burning question; “HOW??” I mean, you can apply being real to just about anything. Real because you’re honest, trustworthy, loyal, consistent? Real because they let you… Read More being real


am I alive?

In writing the title for today’s post, I felt a bit odd. I ask myself, “is living greater than being alive?” If you answer yes, that would insinuate that you’d rather die if you’re not living. To some that could be extreme and to others that’s just about right. Me, I fall somewhere in between.… Read More am I alive?


getting better!!

The people in your life should be two things 1) Honest and 2) Patient. I realize that the people I love most are those exact things. But sometimes, I miss the mark with others. It is never my intention to hurt people but I think that I do more than I’d like to admit. How… Read More getting better!!