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being real

Being home this week really get me thinking. When people say “oh she’s real” or “oh he’s a real one…” I’m always interested in knowing the answer to the burning question; “HOW??” I mean, you can apply being real to just about anything. Real because you’re honest, trustworthy, loyal, consistent? Real because they let you… Read More being real



“It’s way too many options out here to make up my mind,” is what I tell myself right before I go on ahead with my first instinct. But no, sometimes I do change my mind after I consider a better option. Or sometimes I change my mind after I’ve had a taste of this and… Read More Options…



Regret has to be one of my least favorite emotions. Regret is the feeling of remorse or disappointment after a decision or something that has or has not happened. As formal and “good” as people perceive me to be, I actually am pretty liberal in much of my decision making. I take big chances and… Read More REGRET



Life is something else isn’t it. As a child, I never could have imagined actual life as an adult. These days I’m feeling more appreciative of my parents and more amazed by those that go out each day, work full-time and come home to take care of a family. Some days I have a hard… Read More Payback!