Being undecided, struggling to find resolve. Inability to process adequate criteria for decision making and following through. We all can be indecisive at times but that’s not a good habit to nurture. There’s nothing wrong with pondering the best choice (especially as resources like time and money are unusually involved) but “if you ain’t s#!tn… Read More •indecisiveness•


when I grow up

Funny how time flies. We all had an idea of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some said a doctor, some said a lawyer, business owner…the list goes on. I encourage career goal setting it’s healthy; but as you grow more you know more! As we better understand ourselves and life each… Read More when I grow up


be what you want to attract

This one is a very important message that actually won’t take me much time to share. “Be what you want to attract.” Simply said, harder to do. We can often find ourselves set in our ways (whether we notice it or not). This is why it’s imperative to allow yourself opportunities to experience new things… Read More be what you want to attract


Money w/ Woes > Money Woes

Let’s face it, no matter how much money you make or how much you don’t…we all could stand to save. And if you’re a working adult without a savings you should pay extra close attention. I do understand that it is difficult, the millennial generation in particular got the underhand on employment opportunities and salaries;… Read More Money w/ Woes > Money Woes


| dealing with people |

Bruh! Is it me or do humans get more annoying as they age? TF! This post is about dealing with people. You may be surprised to know that on my very first job out of college, I almost got into it with a fellow employee. Why, because she wasn’t putting RESPEK on my name. Did we… Read More | dealing with people |


Finding Your Way…

Life, mmh mmh life! It really has a way of turning you in different directions when you least expect it. I, myself, have been very fortunate to pursue just about everything that my heart has desired up to this point. I have traveled, explored, tried, tasted, liked, disliked, created, learned etcetera etcetera. And the best… Read More Finding Your Way…