Summer Concert Series: #OpenInvitation to #TheMFLife

So around this time last week I had the pleasure of attending TWO, TOO live performances by amazing, true-to-life artists.  Both gave me live vocals, live bands and raw talent. The first was Melanie Fiona! Wow–this woman is amazing. She has a sweet, smooth voice–something like milk and honey and she is #SUPERGORG. To my surprise she has a really corky, bubbly personality; she doesn’t take herself too serious and likes to be interactive. She’s a real jokester. This performance was private, up close and personal—she kept the audience entertained with her witty comments and stunning smile. Her vocals are so development and robust–she couldn’t get any better as an artist so I know that this is her time to be all that she can be. Her single #4AM is a cute, catchy anthem for the ladies saying “its 4AM, you’re not answering the phone, huh? You should be home fool!” She also has a hot new single featuring J. Cole that’s set to hit the airwaves. If you don’t have her album, get it #TheMFLife. Follow her (@MelanieFiona) on twitter and be merry!!

Performance #2 was Tyrese bighead ass…And I can say that because my head is up there too hahaha(#AllLove)But as you could have suspected…he has the looks of a MODEL and a voice that is so clear and piercing! I was in amazement! He performed at Universal City Walk on the NBCUniversal Lot–fun times. He had his live band, backup dancers, and supporting vocalists. A real show, in promotion of his new album. Before this performance I had forgotten all the hits he made from ‘Sweet Lady’ to ‘Signs of Love Making’…’Stay’ ect. ect.

He did a praise session and tore it down, thanking God for all his blessings and successes! He was sure to highlight his successful career as an actor and shared his plans to scoot off to Europe to shoot for the next Fast and Furious installment!!

Good job Lady and Gent! Nothing like a good ole #SummerConcert.

–My Inexplicable Life As Shay. 

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