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Solange’s Attack on Jay-Z – “Hard Knock Life”

The Life As Shay Report:

Well it looks like everyone has had plenty of time to make their rounds on the Solange and Jay-Z Elevator squabble…so of course I won’t disappoint. I will give you my 2-cent as well!

When I first heard about the video I thought it was a joke but in watching it, it became apparent in the first 2-seconds that the footage was definitely of Beyonce, Jay-Z and sister Solange. The next point was a nod to Jay-Z and his ability to keep calm in that situation. Why Solange took off on her big brother-in-law is still a mystery but one thing’s for sure…he DID NOT react, nor did Beyonce. The lack of reaction from everyone involved made Solange look like a wild animal.

With this video, TMZ has taken their game to a whole new level, Beyonce and her team have been able to protect their privacy her ENTIRE career…up until now! Funny how things aren’t always what they seem, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. But one thing’s for sure, you better not mess with Solange ‘cause her “she holds no punches.”

From Jay-Z’s POV- “Instead of kisses we get kicked, It’s the ‘Hard Knock Life’”

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