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#SOIREE-ing @ St. Pucchi’s Grand Opening: #Littlegirl, #HUGEcity

The Life As Shay Report:
Now, now darlings this was NOT an event—this was a #SOIREE! I was #soiree-ing with the internationally renowned St. Pucchi for its Los Angeles Grand Opening last week.
St. Pucchi is an exclusive, avant- garde bridal gown line. These dresses are so unique and intricate that the only way to describe them is “WOW!” I don’t believe that any two dresses in the boutique were the same so every single bride would be her own unique vision of heaven on that BIG DAY! It’s quite interesting to me how recently I have found myself in the wedding/bridal realm (Is that a sign that I may be skipping down the aisle soon??—hey, we will have to see!) I am really taking a liking to this whole wedding/marriage/engagement side of events– it’s truly turning out to be a great pleasure of mine…”HEY! What woman wouldn’t love the chance to scope out rings and gowns so that when she does find the right one there will be no hold up!” Lol jk
Stepping into this boutique really made me feel like “I’m arriving” (You know that point between starting the mission and completing it—you’re arriving to the finish line lol).  The boutique feels as if you have walked into a beautiful bridal gown, a St. Pucchi  gown to be exact–with outstanding detail and breathtaking decor that creates an image of a flawless fanciful world. Such a #Littlegirl, such a #HUGEcity… but I’m here and I’m doing what I love 🙂  (Please note the picture above with the face of shock! Hahaha— That’s how I felt when I took in the beauty of my surrounds, how blessed).
I had the honor of sitting down with Rani Totman, the President and Designer of St. Pucchi, to chat a bit about her great success over the past 25+ years and the line of amazing gowns. Totman was sure to share that each gown is a labor of love, with countless hours invested, simply put “they are pieces of Art.” I have to agree.  I have never seen gowns with so much detail and the quality is 5-STAR—the beading, the stitching, the embroidery, the fabrics— Don’t mean to get carried away, but I must stress the greatness of these pieces. However, I did expect EXCELLENCE considering that the wives of celebs like Timbaland and Tony Romo chose St. Pucchi.
These dresses are for women that want an elegant wedding gown with unmatched style and uniqueness.  The quality and detail of these gowns are unreal and if you don’t believe me check it them out for yourself at
I have no doubt that when my day comes I will be wearing a St. Pucchi dress!!!
The new boutique location is nestled on the famous Sunset Blvd, neighbored by other elegant shops and salons.  St. Pucchi fits right into the flow of the Hollywood, high-brow scene. Totman was elated at the success of the Grand-Opening and I believe that the Grand Opening was a perfect reflection of the exquisite grandeur of the collection of gowns.
The guests of the evening not only had the pleasure of viewing the amazing gowns displayed around the room, we were serenaded by violists and harpists and had our very own showroom model wearing some the gowns amongst us. The mood of the event was so delicate and sweet.  We enjoyed an open-bar and tasty cake pops. #Littlegirl #HUGEcity but I mixed and mingled and #Soiree-d my way through the evening with ease.  It was a wonderful time.
Thanks to the great folks over at St. Pucchi!!


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