Social Media, The devil?

Is social media the devil? I mean, it all depends on who you ask. Small businesses love it! Well, they loved it up until recently when the new personalized algorithm function rolled out on the gram. (The Gram now has a notifications system where people will only see posts according to what they think you’d like to see or what is “trending/popular.”) Just when you thought social media had simplified the way we consume information, the process got more lean. If the information gets anymore “bite size” and compressed we will be left with one word caption capacities (Ha!).

So yea, the devil? Mmmh, I would personally have to say “no” because anything could have a negative effect on your life. It all depends on how you consume. If that be the case, food is the devil and so is love. What makes social media a bit different from other vices (food, alcohol, drugs, gambling ect.) is that it doesn’t cost you a thing…or does it ?! Anyone with a smartphone, mostly everyone over the age of 5, has the ability to download and access social media platforms from the convenience of their phones. It’s too too easy. While it doesn’t cost money it does cost time. And sometimes, self-esteem. Yea, I said it.

It’s eroding this generation’s culture with thoughts of uniformity and simply wanting to be desired or to “fit in.” My thoughts, after high school and for damn sure after college, you should not be concerned with “Fitting In” with anyone that’s not making you a better person or paying your bills. Point blank period. But with social media, AND THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE, people find themselves constantly bombarded with images of how you should look, the lifestyle that you should have and things that you should have achieved. Now, please. There are some amazingly inspiring things floating around social media but there are some rubbish taking place too. I am speaking of the things that you see that make you feel like you are not good enough…if you don’t have a car like this, you don’t have your hair like that, you can’t afford the labels like him or your body doesn’t look like hers.

Come on now. Let’s be all the way real. Sometimes Instagram can led you to a dope discovery or leave you feeling inspired. Other times it could leave you feeling low cause you aint the juice like that. 

So I ask you, is social media the devil?



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