Moving to LA was more of a fantasy. I mean…I thought about it as most people think of having their name in LIGHTS, or being RICH and FAMOUS for one thing or another.  But honestly-my obsession with being a famous singer died around the age of 14.  Even still, I always knew that I would have a career in the “the industry”, or I wanted to at least. Senior year of undergrad I decided on three things: LA, Law Schooland Event Planning.  I always played with these ideas but I went on and claimed it in January of 2011.  So here I am, four months later at my graduation cookout and a good ole friend shares that she plans to move to LA in a few weeks.  I told her my aspirations to do the same and that was that.  Two months later and her job had an opening. Three days later-I have an offer letter. Two weeks after that, I am on a plane to LA…for the first time I might add.
LA was one of those “throw caution to the wind-this better work-all my eggs in one basket-Y.O.L.O” type of situations. I encourage- actually I urge everyone to have a Y.O.L.O moment at least once in life.  The experience could make you exactly who you dreamed you’d always be.
‘Til next time Love Angels.

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