#Smoked-ouT: Fed uP…

Hello Ladies and Gents!
I have a lot of great updates for you this week but I definitely wanted to share my experiences of this past Friday. My most recent event was the Speel It TV’s “Party for a Cause,” with the purpose of benefiting the Los Angeles Food Bank. Now as you guys know– ‘Shay Love the Kiiids’ and I’m always down to help and give back. This event was no different, great purpose with great people. The venue was pristine, classic, yet modern. We were all set to go for the 7:00p “show-time” when “Biii-biii-biii-biiii”…the durn fire alarm goes off!! Yes, the fire alarm! I think over 8 years of PG Publics Schools has made me immune to fire alarms ‘cause when the alarms used to go off in my school days the students and teachers would continue their routine and ignore it. And today my reaction is STILL the same–Myself and the rest of the event staff stood there for a second in disbelief as the alarm blared and then continued our tasks and conversations just knowing that it was a false alarm. These acts of denial went on for the next 10 minutes until we were actually asked to evacuate the building…..now here is were things got #Smoky. We evacuate the premises. And by this time guests have just started to arrive–this was a total ‘cover-your-face-in-embarrassment’ moment! I look up and see a fire truck! “What?? No way– this place is really on fire?” The firemen jump out the truck and rush inside checking the electrical hook-ups, the breaker box and other potential causes of the fire on their way up the stairs to investigate.

The staff and arriving guests end up waiting outside for a WHOLE HOUR until the situation is settled! People get so restless that they start posing in front of the fire trucks, taking pics with the firemen and making video recordings the evening’s events. By this time there are FOUR–Count ’em–4 trucks and a police escort! I’m waiting patiently–trying to be nice but I’m ICE COLD *insert Greek sentiment here* and hungry–starving rather at this point #teamLAFoodBankoutchea!!!!(hahaha jk) I paint on a McDonald’s smile and press on. Once the fire issue is resolved and after the floor above the event has been treated for water damage from the spewing sprinklers….we are then able to re-enter the venue, and just in time because I was just starting to feel a head cold coming on. Needless to say–by that time the cold had already set in and at this very moment I am sick. OH BOO! But hey it’s part of the game.

We re-entered and prepared for the storm. By this time the guests had accumulated and everyone needed to be checked in all at once. Lucky me, right— hahaha WRONG! It was 40 intense minutes of checking names, grabbing tickets, giving directions, providing information and handing out programs and welcome gifts. But when it was all said and done, I impressed the evening’s key player– the event planner (who also planned J.LO’s wedding. See the positivity in that despite that nasty divorce lol J). I definitely added her to my network, already know. But anywho, check-in was a huge success…so then it was time to party…A little. I ran into some great contacts, and made a lot of connections, GREAT. Open bar—EVEN BETTER, but I don’t drink while I’m working so…Too bad the show was pushed back an hour from the freakish mishap and with that, the itinerary was off. Either way it turned out great. They had amazing live performances—the “Martini Girls” (dance group) took the cake though.  We were raising money to feed the people of our community and their contribution was shaking their hot totties in onesies and heels.  HEY NOW, don’t ever let someone judge your means of giving back lol.  I’m sure they were the main reason why those wealthy male partygoers opened them wallets and dropped a couple bills.  Even if they were throwing the donation money up in the air and making it rain, it still was a contribution right?! Hehe… Moral is: “Stay positive, Stay focused, Nothing is perfect, Be patient and Plan for the worst…and when you have a great cause you are always winning, even if it’s #smoky!”

Stay Blazing Love Angels,


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