sit down (reflections on Jesse William’s BET speech)

Oh, Jesse Williams…

Well, I’m not really ashamed to say that before Sunday night’s 2016 BET Awards (where Jesse Williams won the Humanitarian award), I didn’t know who Jesse was. It could be because I don’t watch much TV anymore or simply because I just didn’t have the chance to recognize his shine by other means. Whatever the reason, me having not known him before a few days ago is interesting because after his poignant speech, I felt as if I’d known him for the past three years. I can’t really say “known him my whole life” cause honestly it’s only been the last three years that I’ve been really focused on and conscious of the plight of Blacks in America. Not before Trayvon Martin did I feel emotional agony over the hand dealt to many, just like me. My people. While liberals may encourage me to declare that “all people are my people…”, lets be real. THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE. My attention will not be divided by empty efforts to make everyone feel comfortable; just saying. But here with his speech, short and sweet, Jesse has awaken a side of me and shared the words that I have had on my heart since Trayvon. I’m not mad and I’m not angry but I too need people to understand that the issues facing the Black community are not isolated; it’s a culture that bleeds into every facet of our lives. And really, more than being a celebrity host, more than being a popular event planner, more than being a dope attorney….I want us to have Freedom. So in sharing the sentiments of JW, if you’re not helping us get there…SIT DOWN.


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