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Shopping on HOLLYWOOD BLVD: IT GETS LIVE #McCartnified

The Official #LifeAsShay Report:
Well the title of this post can be very misleading. I actually TRIED to pick up a few things from shops on Hollywood Blvd on my way home last night but when I arrived, boy was I in for a surprise. The street was blocked off and there was LOTS of people!
There is always something going on in Hollywood but it is always a dissapointment when your plans get thrown off because of a taping, premiere, show ect. that you were not prepared to navigate through…last night was no different!
As I fought through the people I realized that Good Ole Jimmy Kimmel was to blame! In celebration of his new Fall season he is taping two LIVE shows on Hollywood Blvd and last night was round one. I see people amorously gazing towards the stage and the jumbotrons but I still can’t make out who the Star is that brought out grannies and babies alike. I finally make it to the stores–Oh, and by the way, I FIND NOTHING! But after reemerging into the crowd on the street I realize, IT’S PAUL MCCARTNEY (For those like “Who?” Here is a fresher: The Beatles)
Check out the video of his performance of “Lady Madonna” from last night. How cool is this guy?! Now look at the crowd of people…yea, I was amongst that beastly crowd fighting to do a little shopping, I just needed a fewthings and look at what I got! In the land of the unexpected you can expected to be blessed with random, free concerts by music legends at any moment.

 Video Courtesy of JimmyKimmelLiveMusic
Tonight’s LIVE taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live  will featuring Justin Timberlake!
The Official #LifeAsShay Report—That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Remember, “Don’t take life too seriously, take it ONE DREAM at a time.”

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