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Shay’s Pick: “Sunshine” by Journell Pierre

The Life As Shay Report:

It has been a good minute since the last Shay’s Pick but I am back with a true talent to watch for, Journell Pierre! I found him in my inbox, took a listen and got chills. It’s the craziest thing, it’s like a needle in the haystack system…I listen to music day after day and then suddenly I hear something that causes a reaction. This time it was “Sunshine” by Journell Pierre that got me. This 17-year-old Philadelphian has a sound and approach that will make you pause and pay attention. He has a skill of using various harmonies and melodies that sets the stage for a unique flow. To be so young, he has a pretty tight grasp on storytelling and creating music with meaning. This is the type of music that will preserve the culture.

Kid Cudi was the first rapper that caught the attention of a young JP after he was given the “Man on the Moon” album by a summer camp counselor. From Kid Cudi, his preference for “Non-Run-of-the-Mill” rappers spread to Kanye West; who still holds the crown as his favorite artist. His eclectic sound is reflective of his diverse taste in music–JPdoes not operate within the confines of Hip-Hop only, his musical palate transcends genres to artists like Ed Sheeran (Pop/Folk/Acoustic) and Allen Stone (Soul R&B).

Journell Pierre has a message to share and a story to tell…Check him out in my favorite, “Sunshine”!

For more from Journell Pierre…
Soundcloud: JournellPierre
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Twitter: @JournellPierre

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