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Shay’s Pick: “Ride or Die” by VANN- Fresh R&B

The Life As Shay’s Report:

Today’s Shay Pick is “Ride or Die” by R&B singer, VANN. Let me tell you…some people got it and some people don’t. But my man Vann…he is trained to go. I met Vann through BET red carpet production work and I could not have imagined that his friendly and personable demeanor could also house the vocals and lyrics of some of the freshest R&B I have heard since Chris Brown’s debut. If you are wondering what the next wave of R&B sounds like, he is it. “Ride or Die” is Vann’s 1st single off his upcoming EP with producer Em Elliot and your access has been granted

Don’t forget you heard it here 1st. Also check out “Protégé” one of my favorite tracks from my dude Vann.

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