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SHAY’S PICK: “Other Side” by Genesis Iver

The Life As Shay Report:

Today’s Shay Pick of the day is “Other Side” by Genesis Iver. I woke up to this one in my inbox and after the 3rd bar I knew it was gonna have to be a “Shay Pick.” The song has a eerie slow chop sound as Genesis Iver aggressively delivers lyrics on his come-up and making it to the other side.

Genesis Iver is a 21-year-old H-Town native that has been at it since the age of 11. Growing up in a single parent home, of a hard working mother, left Genesis Iver at a cross between the negative and positive influences of his surroundings, that along with the passing of a close family member drove him to pick up the pen. On a mission to create good music and bring unity to the Houston music scene, Genesis started a music group, of equally talented artists, by the name of KINFOLK. His mixtape,”Book of Genesis” is coming soon, featuring today’s Shay Pick, “Other Side.”

Check it out:

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