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Shay’s Pick: Logic’s “Buried Alive”- Self Discovery as the Seams Come Undone

The Life As Shay Report:

Song of the day goes to Logic! Now, I heard about Logic and I always meant to follow-up and really dig deep but I never got around to it. Then it happened. While I am in the process of dissecting J. Cole’s 2014 Foresthill Drive, the only artist that could actually break my focus on J. Cole was Logic… and for that I have to share one of favorites from Under Pressure…”Buried Alive.” This one really hits home, “Buried Alive” is not as morbid as the title would suggest. The song tells the story of self-discovery as the seams of reality unravels, this song takes me away.

Living in LA can really take a toll on your soul and this song just happened to be how I’m feeling today.

Let’s go!

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