Scandalous #Scandal!!

February 14, 2012. Valentine’s Day, I didn’t have a Valentine but I did get a warm “Scandalous” treat! I offered my SERVICES (event coordinating services of course), to The NAACP Premiere of ABC’s NEW Political Drama Series, Scandal. Scandal is the creative product of the ingenious mind behind Grey’s Anatomy– Shonda Rhimes.
After greeting & assisting guests and doing a little show running I had the chance to cozy down into a theater seat and enjoy the first two episodes of Scandal. Many of you have seen the first episode of Scandalby now, I’m SURE! And so you know that the “HYPE IS NOT HYPE”…the show is actually ASTOUNDING.  The premise, the characters, THE SETTING (S/O to my hometown) and the timing are all sheer perfection. Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a crisis management expert providing interesting clients with her “life fixing” services set to the background of political entangle. You can learn more here.
 To sweeten the night of scandalous deeds-Kerry Washington and Columbus Short joined theatergoers for an informal Q&A.  The Scandal stars got the usual, run-of-the-mill “How did you prepare for this role…What was your thought process” type of questions.  But there was one nugget of information shared by C. Short that really stuck with me.  He elaborated on the manner in which the characters deliver their lines. They speak with lighting speed in majority of the scenes with the purpose of conveying a sense of URGENCY and IMPORTANCE. Even though we may not always understand the ins and outs of political procedure-we all know that in the world of politic affairs “EVERYTHING is IMPORTANT” (even if it’s deciding on salmon or turkey for lunch, trust me I’ve been there- Congressional Intern 2009). Only a brilliant mind like S. Rhimes would see to it that such detail and care be taken in telling the characters’ stories. In watching the show, it’s easy to get caught up and miss the packaging of the message but I dare you to try…Next time you watch, pay attention to the delivery of the lines. You will see exactly what he described.
The show is amazing, see for yourself…tell a friend, spread the word.  A new episode airs TONIGHT 10/9c. Check out ABC.com to view the show before the scheduled airing. I would really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for this show to have a second season and beyond and to get that all we have to do is WATCH!
PSA: All Scandalous #Scandals are condoned from here on out!!!
Ciao for now Love Angels.

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