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Rihanna “Survived”: 10 Milli Won in Bankruptcy Lawsuit

The Life As Shay Report:

Rihanna has officially won her case against a former accountant that left her “effectively bankrupt” in 2009. Funny how the word ‘bankruptcy’ seems to be taboo amongst celebs, with stories like those of TLC and Toni Braxton…But Ms. Fenty aired it out and got right to the root of the issue. In 2009 she made roughly 43 million buck-a-roos but closed out the year with 9 million after her tour turned with an operating deficit and she was cleared by her financial team to make large purchases. No sweat off Rihanna’s back now-a-days , however. She has won 10-milli in the lawsuit for the mismanagement of her funds and is worth about 9 times that amount to date…So I would have to say all is good. But I can image that during her times of ‘financial despair’ she probably had Destiny Child’s “Survivor”.  It’s uncanny how much this song relates to her situation. Kudos to Ms. Fenty ‘cause most celebrities don’t survive bankruptcy unscathed.

“She Survived.”


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