#RideIt, It’s Just a Pony

So about a month ago some lovely visitors came to visit lil ole me here in LA! Being that planner that I am I wanted to be sure that they had an amazing time-They Did!

One of the things we did was #Ride!–Horses!!! I’d always wanted to ride a horse, even take riding lessons but it just never came to past (Thanks Mom and Dad lol). But I’m grown now and I made it happen! That was the best $$$ I ever spent…except for that one night my bestie and I went to Lux Sundays in DC and by the time we left…well, in short it was a GREAT, an Unforgettable-“I-cant-remember-what-happened” kind of night—IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Lol

I digress-So we arrive to the ranch and it is way up in the Hollywood Hills-I mean WAY…If you have ever been in the hills you know it is tight, winding roads laced with million dollar+ homes and palm trees to boot(ALL of this on a hill though). So we make it there and this place is a zoo, literally super animally! A cat jumped up on the counter as I tried to pay for the ride, a conveniently wandering dog kept popping up and I can’t forget the roster that stood at the entrance as a gate keeper! LA is very City but is has breathtaking natural wonders as well, amazingly beautiful combo! We get acquainted with the ponies, get our riding instructions and were off! My horse was named Champ-go figure lol but he was acting more like an ASS if you ask me, very donkey-ish during our ride. The dang horses would walk SOOO close to the edge of the durn mountain that any normal person would freak. One missed step and you’re tumbling down the mountainside Bud. That day I really learned the importance of paced breathing, thinking happy thoughts and “looking away“! I really thought THAT DAY was my LAST DAYseveral times throughout the trail–It was GREAT! I totally feel like I cheated death, can we say “EXHILARATING!!!”

The workout was amazing too; you have to practice good core strength and excellent posture to control your horsey! I loved it! After screaming and hollering for the first 20 minutes:“Tour guide lady help-I’m scared, let me off! I can’t!”–I finally got the hang of it and really enjoyed it. I WILL say that if you are a total creeper don’t do it ‘cause you will be completely panicked and could really cause a tragic accident. You have to be able to stop, look and listen JUUUUST like Barney taught us!(S/O to my late 80’s babies-we in here) If you don’t mind finding yourself pleading for your life with a 1,200 pound animal then BY GOLLY BOB #RideIt, It’s Just a Pony.

To my Rancho Love Angels,

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