Renewed Vows…#ItRainedMadMen

Unfortunately, I had not watched the show Mad Men before working their season premiere this past March.  If I had watched, I’m sure I would have enjoyed my experience at the premiere that much more…which is actually unfathomable because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED every drip-drop of my time on this event. Mad Men is a drama series on AMC that follows key players in 1960’s New York as they battle for supremacy in the cutthroat world of advertising.  Check out it out here.

Mad Men premiered its season opener at The ArcLight Hollywood and held an after party a few blocks away at Blvd 3…and I have pics! I came into contact with several interesting individuals that I later found out to be part of the cast—MY BAD! The moral of that story is…Know Your Craft, Know Your Clients and STAY ON YOUR GAME.
But any who, the guest list check-in ran smoothly and all things were good to go.  For those unfamiliar- when there are screenings and premieres it is typical protocol for the guests to get star-quality treatment with A+ service and unlimited popcorn, drinks and snacks to compliment. The ArcLight is the top-flight movie theater chain here in LA with “reserved seating,” restaurants/bars in the lobbies, and museum-style décor. Granted you will pay $16.50 for a ticket but it’s an experience to be had. HOWEVER-if you are “somebody” and you’re invited to a screening or premiere the studio picks up the tab. Funny how when you make lots of money people want to go give you freebies all the durn time #noshade.

The after party was BEA-U-TI-FUL! The entire venue was transformed into Central Park to mirror the show’s setting. The food was amazing: pilaf, leafy salad selections, grilled eggplant parmesan and assorted veggies, teriyaki salmon and more…The desserts were just as fab, I grabbed a fruit tart or three after my meal.  It was all love-This experience was one of those nights that reminded me of WHY I MOVED!!! It truly renewed my vows to the game….#ItRainedMadMen.

Tootles Love Angels.


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