Regret has to be one of my least favorite emotions. Regret is the feeling of remorse or disappointment after a decision or something that has or has not happened. As formal and “good” as people perceive me to be, I actually am pretty liberal in much of my decision making. I take big chances and go with what feels right and because I’m usually rewarded for being willing to try something new…it’s rare that I feel regret. But when I do experience regret, it’s pretty damn overwhelming.

With this blog post, I want to encourage people to live with less regret. To do so, you have to address your confidence and faith. It could be strong, weak or anywhere in between; but fear of experiencing or not experiencing the unknown can often times lead to regret. I theorize that regret comes in when you have some sort of knowledge and expectations of something and then you react (a move forward or a move backwards, an action or a standstill, a conversation or silence etc)…following that occurrence you feel saddened by what happened. I have the KEY to limiting that feeling.

Firstly, have FAITH in yourself and trust your judgement of situations. Don’t be easily swayed. While you may have more “friends” for going with the flow…you’re predisposed to more feelings of regret for doing things that never sat well with you from the beginning.

Secondly, learn to TAKE RISKS. Some things require deep consideration, others don’t. It’s OK to take advantage of a great opportunity, to stay out all night, have one too many drinks or like someone that’s totally wrong for you! Taking risks builds character and makes life fun. As long as you’re not placing yourself in immediate danger, JUST DO IT!

Last but not least, TRUST your vibes. If you go with your intuition it will lead you to some amazing places. I find myself imagining my life in the future and I literally take the chance to step in that direction and then things start to unfold. Your gut doesn’t lie, trust it.

Here’s to living a more fulfilled life with less regret!


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