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RECAP: This Past Week in Ferguson Following Michael Brown’s Death

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The amazingly talented Tatyana Jenene graced with her very informative recap of the past week of turmoil that has racked the nation following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

“Breathtaking Photo of Howard University Students Standing In Solidarity with Ferguson, Mo While Protesting In the Town Continue.”

hu- ferguson

It’s that time of year where college students are making their return to campus for yet another academic year, some are leaving home for the first time to attend school. This is the time when you get to know your roommate, professors and catch up with friends you didn’t see over the summer. Howard University students decided to do something different, they decided to take a stand and show that they are in solidarity with the town of Ferguson, Mo by posting the above pic. The pic circulated so fast on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook all with the common caption: Please, Don’t Shoot.


Howard University’s protest came less than 24 hours after a Howard University Alumna Mya Aaten-White was injured during one of many peaceful protest in Ferguson on Monday night. Conflicting reports have been coming out on what exactly happened, some say that she was shot in the head by police while others are claiming it was a drive-by shooting that caused her to get shot in the head… Aaten-White is known on social media as @Spookwrites and the above photo of her, injured, in the back of an ambulance was her last update from her Instagram account.

(Police talk about a woman being shot in the head, until he is hushed by his colleague)
Ferguson has become national social media news, while moving down the list of “breaking stories” on CNN and MSNBC and of course being totally ignored by Fox News. Residence of Ferguson, MO have been active on twitter during protest keeping the rest of the world abreast on what the news outlets isn’t showing you. All media have been ordered to move out of the town and not film, or be subject to arrest. So far journalist from Huffington Post and Washington Post have been arrested (and released). The FAA has made Ferguson a no fly zone. The no fly zone rule was put in place because according to St. Louis County Police a helicopter was fired upon “multiple times.” To be honest, I believe this is another way to keep the media out. The only types of aircrafts that can fly below 3000 ft. in Ferguson are medical and police first responders. The no fly zone is in place until the 18th.

Police have been using military tactics to break up peaceful protesting, videos and pictures of tear gas being used and tear gas cans being directly thrown into the crowds and on home owners’ lawns. Also rubber bullets and ear-piercing audio have been used to try to disband crowds. People in Gaza have been tweeting letting people know what to do when the tear gas hits them. So far the autopsy reports have not been released or Mike Brown Jr., it is my belief they are waiting to get the toxicology reports back, because they will try to paint him as a bad person if any drugs or alcohol is found in his system. President Obama is set to speak this afternoon, (August 14th) in his short original statement he said that the murder of Michael Brown Jr. was “heartbreaking” and urged people to stop rioting. Attorney Benjamin Crump, better known for representing Trayvon Martin’s family will represent Michael Brown Jr.’s family alongside attorney Anthony Gray.
There are still peaceful protest going on around the country, check social media to learn more about how your community is taking action.

Also, if you want to donate to the protestors in Ferguson, @BelleButters and @SheSeauxSaditty have teamed together with others to raise money to make care packages for protestors to include: water, sandwiches, first aid kits, ear plugs, energy bars and drinks, gas mask, as well as other items. Belle Butters has been posting pics on her social media accounts to ensure all that the funds are being used the way they said that they would be used. Last week, (during third shift of fundraising) they raised $3,000.

There is still research going on for an official Michael Brown Jr. donation fund, I’m trying to find one that has been confirmed by the family or their lawyers.
While the revolution may not be televised, it sure will be seen on the internet. ” – Tatyana Jenene

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