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REALLY NICKI?: “Lookin Ass N*gga”-Strings Attached

The Life As Shay Report:

A couple days ago Nicki Minaj released visuals for her song “Lookin Ass N*gga.” After being featured on a few singles and releasing a few sexy pics on Instagram, her Barbz were in great anticipation for some new Nicki ish. And they got it! However, it came with strings attached. After seeing a few memes on social media quoting lyrics from “Lookin Ass N*gga,” I thought wow…people are really clinging to this song. When I heard it, I liked it. I felt no certain type of way about it, I actually found it to be rather interesting that she was able to pack all of those “true to life” instances in a song under 3 minutes.

But in checking out some comments on Youtube I quickly discovered that people have alot to say about the song. Her use of the word “N*gga” over and over leaves a nasty taste with some. But an image associated with the song surfaced…an imagine of Malcolm X and if the distaste for releasing this song, described as defiling the African American male, during Black History Month wasn’t an argument already stated…the image took that opinion to a whole new height. Now I honestly don’t agree with the image being linked to the song…that I do consider uncouth.

But is the song really that bad?

Check out a few comments I came across on YouTube…What do you think? The Streets R Talkn:

“Look like the majority of the MF’S that like this probably got GED’s or less. Empty minded. Can’t blame Niki, like they say ” You build it they will come”. I guess shit attracts flies.”-Dave Conrad

“Why does she say the n word so much. It sounds so ridiculous”-Tony Crego

“I love this song but it says niggas to much”-Lena Baxter

“I like it because she’s calling them out they are trashy and disrespectful to women on top of lying. She’s just saying how it is! Lol love it”-Jennifer Paris

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