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PUSHA T’s MY NAME IS MY NAME (#MNIMN REVIEWED)- Subtleties, now America Can Listen in Peace

The Life As Shay Report:
Pusha T‘s My Name is My Name. Good Album-Epic? It’s really good though so it’s weird. Feature heavy as hell. For some reason when he speaks I don’t feel a need to listen even though he is saying great things. Head bobbing beats the whole way through
The album is lean. Not alot of junk or album tracks to fill dead space. This 45-min LP is suited and ready to go, no skipping needed.
The videos are what made it all COME TO LIFE for me. If Pusha could release a video for every track the album would be worth its weight in gold.
Some artists I can feel through the track, just their voice rattles me but Pusha—See well, I have to SEE HIM to FEEL HIM. That’s not a good thing, that’s not a bad thing.
I would have to say that he is the most beautifully messaged “dope boy” rapper I’m hearing these days. Life messages in his metaphors and rhymes…”What you talking’ bout Pusha coke struggles or life struggles? Maybe both.” Thank you for your blurred lines, now the masses can plug in and appreciate this piece of work.

“Thank you for your subtleties  now America can listen in peace.”- Shay
1)      King Push– Nasty ass beat, 808 with some “Drum Line” ratter tatter. “Come-close-let-me-whisper-in-your ear-‘cause-the-feds-are-watching” type flow. Confidence 101. It’s King Push. This was the right way to start an album. This track feels like a full meal. Video Below. 

Video Courtesy of UMGWMG
2)      Numbers on The Board– Funny, it’s a funny track to me. The witty punchlines and sound bites are quite interesting. You haven’t heard something like this before. At this point I’m looking up tour dates.

Video Courtesy of PushaTVEVO
King Push and Numbers on The Board. Both videos really brought the words to life. Just Push, just his words…the last time I seen a rapper strip down and rap…just rap, was uhh, I don’t really recall.
3)      Sweet Serenade feat. Chris Brown– Track starts off with Chris Brown, this is a great track for Chris. His contribution is some of the realist things he’s shared in a minute. Bounce, snare beat.  Pusha uses animated voice inflections, reminds me of Nicki Minaj a bit, you hear it? Didn’t hear the song title until the close of Pusha’s second verse. Video below.The setting was pulled right from his first few lines in the first verse. Every time that I listen to this song I hear something else that pulls me in closer. His metaphors are G.O.O.D.

Video Courtesy of PushaTVEVO
Remember, a few posts ago when I mentioned that the best songs don’t include the song title much; rather the title describes what they talk about in the song. That holds true here and for several songs on this album. Work Pusha! Make ‘em think!
4)      Hold On feat. Rick Ross– I thought Kanye West was on the track, it actually might be him. It sounds like his 808’s & Heartbreak auto-tune harmonization. This track makes me appreciate Rick Ross that much more, I really feel like he rose to the occasion, he sounds good to me dammit.”When you feeding off hatred you empty my n *gga come on”- Rick Ross. By the end of the second verse I decided it was Kanye West lol. Listen to the track for a tale of a come up.
5)      Suicide feat Ab-liva– Stupid beat. Sounds like bubble gum, whatever that sounds like..this is it. I don’t think I have heard a rubbery beat like this before. I love this one it’s cold. It’s a hit. It’s catchy as hell! This is a “CLIPSE TRACK” and ya’ll know how the Clipse used to bang. 
6)      40 Acres feat The Dream– “I’d rather die than go home and I ain’t leaving without my 40 acres.”-The Dream. Sounds like I was listening to a Jay-Z and Frank Ocean track. They totally have that vibe going on here. I love this song because like most of Pusha’s tracks it can be applied, removed and reapplied to many different situations and circumstances and the lyrics are still right on target. I listened and thought of the African-American Experience over the decades from the Transatlantic Slave Trade, to Slavery, to Civil War, to the Civil Rights Movement to the Crack Epidemic to a Black President and everything in between. “We growing poppy seeds on my 40 Acres”- Push (Did you catch that?)
7)      No Regrets feat. Jeezy and Kevin Cosson– “Ayyyeee!” That was my first reaction once the beat dropped. This bounce beat and Kevin Cosson’s raspy voice and smooth tone singing rap-worthy lyrics about having No Regrets. We all need a little inspiration, this hit the spot. Jeezy, thank you!! You complement this track boo boo. The last past couple of features from Jeezy have been more fire than any of his solo efforts I recall. Where you at Jeezy? “Wasted time, I can’t get that back so every day I go hard…no regrets.”
8)      Let me Love You” feat. Kelly Rowland– Major Switch up. The beat gives me a  “Where in the world in Carmen Sandiego” vibe. I think of someone creepy around while someone is looking for them. Smart, that is actually the message of the song when I think about it. This is a 1998 Mase flow I swear! Boy I tell you, as I listen and get to the second verse he literally uses Mase’s exact flow from “What You Want” feat. Total. On the track Kelly is smitten with Pusha and his demeanor is like “Look, in public I don’t know you.” Typical dope boy.
9)      Who I Am feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean– “LUDACRIS!” I think of immediately, as soon as I hear the first “WOOO!” Catchy track right away your interest will be peaked! Go 2 Chainz! He started off strong, but you know he had to repeat his lines 2-3 times to make sure you heard it! The beat is hard to follow, it takes skill to spit on this beat. Big Seany, he brought some of his left over Control flow juice to this one. I hear the growth. “I just want to buy another rollie, I just want to pop another band…I just want to be who I am.”

10)  Nostalgia feat, Kendrick Lamar– Sounds better louder. Turn this up as loud as you can. Sampled is Boogie Down Production’s The Bridge is Over   “You better change what’s coming out your speaker…”  This song told a story that I missed over and over until recently. Push talking about his days of selling and Kendrick is telling the story of family members using dope and now Kendrick has taken on the family ways but now he is the “dope” one.In line two or three Kendrick throws us “troubles on my mind” a direct borrow from Blueprint‘s “Troubles on My Mind.” (Listen to the original songs to get the full picture.)
11)  Pain feat. Future One of my favorite Future tracks within the first 15 seconds. I am convinced that good flow, lyrics melodies and hooks are contagious. It’s like if the beat is solid, the first person to lay down something on the track takes the lead towards building that solid song. “My Name is My Name” is mentioned on this track. Trayvon Martin is mentioned. I actually love this song. I feel like Kanye stepped in to add layers to these tracks. Like Push could manage his own lyrics and concepts but Kanye probably influenced background snippets, samples and ad-libs. The texture that make a good song GREAT.
12)  S.N.I.T.C.H. feat. Pharrell-Stands for “Sorry N**ga I’m Tryna Come Home.” Story of a close friend contemplating “S.N.I.T.C.H.”ing from the pen. Love this story, there is nothing like a “Slick-Rick” follow along story to peak your interest and really have you dialed in.
Thank you Pusha for solidifying and etching your place in the game as a solo artist. Thank you for telling your story with creativity, pose and lyrical content.

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