Prayer of the #Ambitious

I started this blog to inspire and encourage as I share my life.  Today’s post truly embodies that purpose. I want to share with you a prayer that I wrote on October 21, 2011-when I felt like the stress of this #Ambitious move had gotten the best of me. So many times I thought I would not be able to make it long enough to TRY to make my dreams come true. But I am here…I wrote this to encourage myself- I hope that you can read this and find strength.
This could be the best day of my life and as nervous as I am…I am very ready.  Lord I know that you have seen my tears and heard my prayers.  Lord you know my dreams and visions-you gave them to me and I know that you have not brought me this far to desert me-3,000 miles away from home with no fear in my heart. I am your child, blessed and covered in the blood. What can break me? What can test me? So much peace and confidence I find in your name and in having faith in your word.  I don’t need luck or best wishes. I have the one who created me, created my life, and he knows my path.  If I cling to him how can I go wrong?  He is the way and the light.  It’s surely like walking in the dark but he is my sense of knowing and guidance. For now and for forever I will commit myself to you and your ways. 
#Ambitious Love Angels.

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