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Post Oscar win for “Glory”- 5 Little Known Facts About Common

The Life As Shay Report:

Of course you have heard by now that Common and John Legend shook up the 87th Academy Awards with their performance of “Glory”, their big win for Best Original Song and their stirring speech of social awareness and justice for all. While the two bask in the “Glory” of their big win and great moment in history, let’s check out 5 things that you didn’t know about Common.

“Common” is short for “Common Sense”. He had to change his name after being sued by a band with the same name.
Common was a ball boy for the Chicago Bulls, and received a pair of Jordans signed by Michael Jordan.
Common fell in love with Hip Hop and found himself writing, rapping and breakdancing after a trip to visit family in Cinnicinati.
Common formed his first rap group in 1986 (4th grade), called CDR.
Common dropped out of college to pursue rap full-time after two years on scholarship at Florida A&M University.

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