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Pick up a damn book

Today’s round of realness was inspired by a good ole Instagram post. Now that I’m over the remorse of leaving LA and I’ve finished setting myself up for the next chapter in my life, I’ve been having some free time on my hands. After a 5-6 month hiatus from the gram, I do take pleasure in randomly browsing for a few minutes here and there! Ain’t nothing wrong with that but, this leads me to my next point….do you spend more time on the gram than you do reading? What was the last thing you read? The last book, the last article?

This is not meant to make you feel a certain way for not reading but if you don’t read often it’s kind of a bad thing. No it’s a really bad thing and you should feel horrible about yourself hahah only kidding (but not really). The best thing about it all is that you can change things right now. Pick up a magazine, an article, a novel, the bible…ANYTHING and exercise your brain. I’m speaking to myself as well! I’m not an avid reader so to keep in the habit of reading everyday it takes conscious effort. If you’re like me, that’s alright…even if you’re one of those that say “they hate reading”, that’s alright too. But it’s time to get better and do better.

First of all, the richest information is hidden in the pages of a book. For always and forever that will be factual. Yes, experience and wisdom is supreme but that knowledge and understanding about higher level workings is not on TV and you’re not born just knowing.

I challenge you to take a trip to the library and pick up a few books. FREE KNOWLEDGE! I don’t care who you are, what you make or what you do…you can always learn something new and make your mind sharper. People that read more are smarter, that’s facts. And the more you read the faster you can comprehend….so it’s like you’re becoming better and smarter at an increasing rate(as you read more).

Pick up a damn book!


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