Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan Dedication: HIS PAIN

The Life As Shay Report:
Typhoon Haiyan’s crash over Tacloban, Philippines is a devastation  to the world with more than 10,000 expected to have lost their lives. As the world turns, things change and we experience life altering catastrophes don’t forget that you have been Blessed to Bless others.
As I poured over the updates, news and status reports over the past few days– bodies everywhere, people starving and searching for resources to survive, missing family members, scared and hurt, Kendrick Lamar‘s His Pain plays in my head.
Today as the US Military dispatches aid to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, remember-
He keeps blessing you so that you can bless others. Find your gift and use it to bless the world and heal His Pain

Video Courtesy of Olz Quirrky

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