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Performance Alert: Ashanti Covers “Sweet Thing”- For the Nonbelievers

The Life As Shay Report:

Welp, shoutout to all the people that said Ashanti can’t sing. She starts her performance by explaining that even people close to her doubted vocal abilities…and for that she decided to sing Chaka Khan‘s “Sweet Thing.” The fact that this is one my favorite songs doesn’t hurt. She decided to be a “Brave Heart” and take on a great…

How did she do?


  • PoetED

    Got to applaud this sistah for having a live band 1st and for most. Thank You! Keep true musicianship alive. 2nd shout out to her for pullin this song off. For the longest her and Cassie been known as artist who can’t sing. I feel she just cancelled that notion. She got it… #MusicianSalute #YupYup