Life is something else isn’t it. As a child, I never could have imagined actual life as an adult. These days I’m feeling more appreciative of my parents and more amazed by those that go out each day, work full-time and come home to take care of a family. Some days I have a hard time keeping myself in order, couldn’t really imagine keeping a family happy too lol
But regardless of the hours you work, the size of your family or your number of dependents, I want to remind you to pay yourself.

Pay yourself with love and attention EVERY DAY. It’s not hard to get lost in our 9-5s and the people we love but I hope that I can make you aware of the importance in giving yourself some time each day. As I ride the NYC trains into work each day I look around and see people that look so miserable and zoned out. They look like zombies really! Granted, some people just aren’t morning person but I get a sense that it’s the mundane culture of adulthood that zaps people. This article isn’t about self care per se, but more about paying yourself back!

Just making it through a normal day is accomplishment enough to reward yourself by giving yourself something to look forward. I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is to invest in something that we’re passionate about EVERYDAY! Something that’s productive but you love it so much that it’s not really work at all. It could be your gift, it could be your dream…maybe it’s both, but don’t work, pay bills and take care of responsibilities day in and day out and not pay yourself back by doing something that. For me, it’s writing. I do it every day, even when I don’t post. Getting out my thoughts is liberating but I get the most fulfillment out of feeling like I might be helping someone along the way.

Pay yourself back mane.


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