“It’s way too many options out here to make up my mind,” is what I tell myself right before I go on ahead with my first instinct. But no, sometimes I do change my mind after I consider a better option. Or sometimes I change my mind after I’ve had a taste of this and a taste of that and compared… I mean it’s true, everything is customizable, changeable, re-arrangeable and replaceable. Everything except for PEOPLE, of course! Hell, you can even replace the family dog that died years ago and name the new pup after the original like nothing ever happened. I suppose that making up your mind is becoming increasingly difficult with so many options and too much accessibility.

The only thing that stands and makes these decisions simple is knowing thy self. When you know who you are, I mean really know, you won’t be easily pulled in different directions. But in the “finding myself” part of life, it’s normal to sniff around. How can you know what you know if you don’t know anything. But with knowing yourself you can better discern quality, tell up from down and hopefully grasp the concept of what’s for you and what’s kinda not.

To some, it would appear that I’m all over the place and honestly I am! I’m doing any and everything that I want, just as I’m supposed to at this point in my life. I move where I want to live, go after the jobs I want and try the things that interest me. This is all apart of me finding myself and “knowing what I know.” Each day as I come into my own more and more, I find myself drawn to people that are more stable and settled in themselves than I. It’s the concept of environmental elevation (yes, I coined by that): you place yourself in environments or around people that reflect what you wish to be or achieve. In these environments there is nothing you can really do but rise to the occasion.

So if you’re a young adult feeling confused or trapped it could be because you don’t know what you know, you don’t know who you are. You should go out more, meet new people, go for a new job, try a new hobby, travel…Just remember that no matter what you switch up or what you change….love and good people are irreplaceable so be careful not to lose the prize chasing something fleeting.

In the meantime, go find yourself and make up your mind.


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