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NOW YOU SEE ME: by accident #CT

The Life As Shay:

WELL HELLO FOLKS! I am back with another #LifeAsShayReport—
A few nights ago I had the pleasure of seeing ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES OF 2013 and one of the best movies I have ever seen IN MY LIFE…by accident! 
NOW YOU SEE ME!—I saw it too. This new illusionary fantasy ride stars Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Jack Wilder, Merritt McKinney and Morgan Freeman–with special guest Common. (P.S. Don’t go see this movie just for him, he had 2 second lines). 
Never the less, always the MORE:
This movie = Amazeballs!! TRUST ME, I usually review movies BEFORE their mainstream release to give people a fair heads up but this movie was so epic I still had to review it after the official release date. 
The movie tells the story of magicians coming together to pull off the most elaborate, large scale Abra- Kadabra fest the world had ever seen! This movie is action-packed, with mystery, excitement and breathtaking stunts! 
The main event surrounds the universal theme of MONEY! We all have it– DOLLAR, DOLLAR BILLS YA’LL, MEAN GREEN, CASH, MULAH, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, PENNIES WITH HOLES IN IT. Now some of us have a bit more than others, and some of us have money that’s more liquid, like WWAAAYYY more liquid…but still we all have it. Now have you ever seen a story of folks “robbing” a bank in another country while on stage in front of thousands? I hadn’t before NOW YOU SEE ME— you see where I’m going with this? 
SHOOOT, I felt like I was one of the magic show guests! So well done! A+ story line! I can’t even tell you how amazed I was at the how brilliantly the storyline unraveled. Plenty of twists and turns–YOU WILL NOT fall asleep on this movie, not for a sec! 
This movie is  #CT: Certified Trill! Check it out and leave your comments…so dope my people! 
I’m down to see it again, anyone care to join? 

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