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no connecting flights

Everyday I try my hardest to do something productive, something that will get me a little closer to one of my goals. I can’t lie, it definitely gets harder as time goes on but what I’ve learned is that if it’s something you think about every single day you’re cheating yourself if you’re not pursuing it. For me, this blog has been the hardest and easiest thing for me to start. Hard because I wanted everything to be perfect and because nothing is every perfect, I was just prolonging my start. But now that I’ve started, it’s totally second nature.

I saw a post the other day with the message to “stop stopping.” Essentially, the post used the example of non-stop and connecting flights. It explained how when the flight stops not only does it take more time to reach the destination but it takes more fuel and energy. So with stopping we have to exert twice as much energy because we are starting something twice, get it? Most of our effort and energy goes into getting things off the ground, but if you can just get it started…just keep going, baby!

Non-stop flights only from here on out.


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