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Nicki Minaj Bares A$$ for Single “Anaconda”- What’s the meaning?

The Life As Shay Report:

Nick Minaj has a new single dropping soon, entitled “Anaconda.” She released the above image in promotion of it. Unfortunately, I don’t give a damn what the song is called or how it sounds…I more so care about what an image like this means. Lawd have mercy! This is 50-shades of wrong. We gotta do bettteeerrrrrr!!!!!!! I know Nicki Minaj‘s audience, they are primarily young girls and teens all the way to young women who follow her every word and action. I just ask, “What is the meaning or purpose behind an image like this?” The come-up has already taken place for her…

Nicki boo, put your clothes on! You don’t have to be half-naked no mo’! Not that she every needed to be, but at the start of her career, like mixtape days, she had a more natural look (as she looks now) and she was more scantly clad…AS PHOTOED ABOVE. Then she went to the colored wigs, imaginary characters and patterned outfits- Which we all loved, tell the truth! Now it seems that everything has come full circle and she is back to the “old” Nicki, ass- all-out and everything. Before the purpose was to get on, right? Now what’s the means of this ish?

To all my impressionable young ladies and girls…this is NOT the way to do it. After all, you’ll fit right in with all the others. Be different, wear clothes.

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