The Life As Shay Report:
This morning Kanye West took to The Ellen Show to reveal the world premiere of his video for Bound 2 feat. Charlie Wilson. Now, Uncle Charlie was not in the video BUT Kanye’s soon-to-be bride, KIM KARDASHIAN, was. It appears that the hot-ticket item is the fact that Kimmy K was topless but that’s a point that only the small minded will focus on.
The video is something I have seen before around the end of “NEVERuary” (as in never). The visuals are warm, vibrant and exhilarating. It feels like an adult fairytale with the dramatization of the knight coming to take the princess away and they ride off into the sunset. Only this time, they ride off on a motorcycle and not a horse.They kiss, embrace and gaze into each others’ eyes before an Arizona backdrop. Now, is it me or does Kim look alot like Beyonce in several shots?
The take away message here…”World, this is my woman and we are going the distance.”

Video Courtesy of xclusive jams

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