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New Music: “We Made It” Jay-Z & Jay Electronica- From Slaves on the Slave Ship

The Life As Shay Report:

New Music People. Check out Jay-Z and Jay Electronica‘s remix of Soulja Boy’s “We Made It.” Drake was the last person to hop on the track and Jay-Z did not hesitate to chin-check “Mr. Drizzy”. Roc Nation signee, Jay Electronica, was also featured on Big Sean’s “Control”…I had to throw that in there ’cause I feel like he was greatly overshadowed by the work Kendrick Lamar put on that track. Anywho…Jay-Z and Jay Electronica provide a witty and “word-slick” version of the otherwise simple song. They reference slavery and the ancestry of African Americans several times and the track is laced with search-worthy terms and concepts. Jay-Z took the cake when he referenced Lupita Nyong’o and her Oscar win for 12 Years A Slave. They mention “Sambo”, “Django” and some more…This remix deserved to be a full song! Tell me what you think?

  • PoetED

    YIKES! They both went in on this record. Jay Electronica did his thang for sure but as always Jay kills it. His word play is just ridiculous. That brotha ain’t showin no signs of slowin down either. Sheeeeeeesh! Makes you wonder is anybody ever gonna be able to keep up with this dude cause he just keep on bringin it… #YupYup