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The Life As Shay Report:

Now I was never into the ‘King of Thrones’ but it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to understand that he is coming for someone’s head. I will keep it 100, I had to listen to this song 3 times before I found myself appreciating it. I want Wale to win, but I feel like this one was not where it needed to be if he’s going to be talking about taking rappers’ heads.

“King Slayer” or “Slayed”

The idea and concept is fresh as hell though. What do you think? Talk to me…”King Slayer”:


  • PoetED

    I’m a fan of Wale but this song ain’t it… Nah! #YupYup

    • LifeAsShay

      I agree! What’s your favorite Wale song?

      • PoetED

        Album Wale: Passive-Agress Her & Pretty Girls… Mixtape Wale: The Heavy Song & The Trip Downtown… #YupYup