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NEW MUSIC: “Pay for It”- Jay Rock ft. Chantal & Kendrick Lamar-This is Hip Hop

The Life As Shay Report:

This song came on and “WOW” was could muster. Chantal comes on the track with flawless, timeless vocals…closely mirroring an old school sample. Her voice is straight up spooky. Then comes Jay Rock like a slow creeping villain disrupting the entire essence of beauty that Chantal had created with her intro. The pain in this song is universal. Before I could even grasp the message of the song, I knew that I felt the heavy spirit of seeking reparations from those that have done wrong. The song goes on and Kendrick Lamar comes in even angrier than Jay Rock. At this point it becomes apparent that TDE is really committed to creating music that speaks to the people’s heart and minds. The emotion is there, it’s almost tangible really.

Will it be so that the second run of albums from Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar will be deep rooted in perseverance and self-appreciation? It’s much needed today, wouldn’t you agree?

All in all…THIS, to me, is Hip Hop and I am excited about it!


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