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The Life As Shay Report:

QUEENSBRIDGE!! New Music from Mobb Deep got me excited about the original real artists coming back to reclaim their territory. With their first album dropping in 1995, it’s safe to say that Mobb Deep is OGs in the game and East Coast rap royalty. Oh and check the record, they are critically acclaimed bruh bruh. This is an actual rap song, I know that there has been much confusion with the new way of “anything goes” that has taken trend in the music industry. But with the greats stepping back on the scene the game is getting packed and leaving less and less room for the BS. If I heard this song years from now I wouldn’t be able to tell you when it came out…quality of a timeless record or no? They have a message for all the imposters…”Say Something.” East coast stand up!

Check out Prodigy and Havoc on this NEW FIRE.

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