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New Music: “Matrimony” Wale feat. Usher- Wale Brought Usher Back to R&B

The Life As Shay:

NEW MUSIC from Wale, “Matrimony” ! I have a special place in my heart for Wale because he’s from my hometown but when I heard this song, it got a big “WOW” from me, and that has nothing to do with my bias. Firstly, within the 1st 5 seconds you get straight to the chorus sung by Usher and the chorus is so beautifully composed and arranged, it’s hard to believe that you are heading into a rap song. Then, on top of that, I feel like I have not heard Usher sing on a more fitting song in I don’t know when! He could make a full R&B version of the song and it would do wonders on the chart. This song could have been the one to reintroduce Usher back to the game…the right way. But then you have the verses. Wale, gets personal. He apologizes to the woman he loves for his divided attention, occasional mishaps with other woman and selfishness. His verses are rather unusual in their structure and flow, it’s like following a winding road…it’s perfect! It ebbs and flows with the pace of their love story.

And lastly, the song is amazing but it also hits my one true criteria for a great song. The title of the song is not mentioned once. I think Wale may have found his spot for good.

Please be my guess and have a listen:

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