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NEW MUSIC: K Camp’s “Cut Her Off” Remix Rick Ross & 2 Chainz

The Life As Shay Report

Rick Ross and 2 Chainz jumped in the booth and laid down some bars, remixing “Cut Her Off” by K Camp. Well “Cut Her Off” is the nice version, but as I am sure most of you know it’s “Cut That B* Off.” It’s something rather liberating about listening to this song…you shouldn’t be reluctant to cut any damn body off if the situation calls for it. And ladies, keep it tight ‘cause this Atlanta-bred rapper is speaking for a whole generation of guys that feel it’s nothing to “Cut It Off.”  I can honestly say that I messed with the song before the remix  but now that it’s here I can’t complain.

Who is K Camp? He is the guy that also has the single “Money Baby” out now.  He has a unique sound in an industry flooded with up-and-coming duplicate artists.

They keep the original beat and chorus for the remix, check it out!


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