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NEW MUSIC: “How U Luv Dat” Fat Joe feat. Troy Ave- I Believe Dat!

The Life As Shay Report:

New music from Fat Joe featuring Troy Ave. Fat Joe is back! Well he never really left ’cause every single he releaeses is a hit. But this new one is FIRE! The song, “How U Luv Dat” is so fresh. The New Yorkers stay close to the street talk and sweet baby girl mentions but it’s mean. I mean like funky mean and smooth, I listen and want to throw on a fitted gown and walk into the Cotton Club filled with cigar smoke and gentleman dressed in suits. It’s crazy ’cause for me this song spands decades. I feel the 1920’s Harlem Renaissance in the jazzy element, I’m in the 1970’s with the bass guitar strums, yet the lyrics and context it’s current. I love this song. Shout out to Troy Ave too, I have been feeling everything he has been touching lately.

Play this for your momma, she’ll think it’s Sly & The Stone Family or Smokey Robinson. Bet! I really do believe dat!

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