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NEW MUSIC: Eminem’s RAP gOD– #WhenYouSeeHimPointHimOut

The Life As Shay Report:
There is no way I could go without doing my due diligence of sharing this track. You may have heard it by now but it’s worth a second, third or MILLIONTH listen even.
Let’s say it together: “Woo Sahhh, I can’t wait for MMLP2 to hit.”
I WILL NOT comment on this track. I have yet to find the words…all I can come up with at the time is “EPIC. HE IS THE BEST. RAPPERS BETTER SIT DOWN. SOMEBODY IS GONNA GET EMBARRASSED. STAY OUT THIS MAN’S WAY.”
Rap Genius #WhenYouSeeHimPointHimOut
Just listen.
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Video Courtesy of EminemMusic

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